About Us

“ There is no surer way to misread a document than to read it literally”

The Law Culture

Justice Frankfurter once said “ There is no surer way to misread a document than to read it literally”. His remark was a jibe on the inherent complexities of law that render it incomprehensible for majority of the populace. We aim to debunk this belief of “legal complexities”.

Law is considered to be a “jealous mistress” who is presumed to be won by lavish homage. The fear of the “lavish homage” has allowed law to become an exclusive domain, beyond the reach of general public. The Law culture aims to initiate, discuss and articulate literature that is both accessible and comprehendible by professionals and laymen alike.

The objective that we seek to imbibe is to widen the horizon of legal discussion by incorporating in our literature and deliberations the often ignored aspects of societal strata. We further, endeavour to highlight issues that are not just academically enriching but also hold practical importance in the legal realm and public welfare.

Founded by a group of law students from different law schools, we comprise of passionate researchers and fellows who are well versed in varied aspects of Indian/International law and public policy. Our team comprises of a dedicated body of Editorial Board and a highly acclaimed Advisory Board.

We are thereby, committed to enriching the public sphere by providing free access to research materials, decisions, laws, regulations, parliamentary reports and other information that are not readily available or accessible.