Legal Arena

Legal Arena is an ongoing series of competitions organised by The Law Culture and is introduced with an idea to mould and hone the competitive spirit of an individual. The essence of these competitions lies in providing a platform to the author(s) to showcase their skills, knowledge and expertise. The platform encourages writers to introduce novel perspectives, arguments to untouched legal subjects. We have introduced fascinating perks to ensure impeccable quality of content and sizeable participation across the globe.

Guidelines for Participants

Proposition Released !

Note: The participants have an option to attempt any of the two hypotheticals. (Any attempt to contact the advisory board regarding the proposition shall result in immediate disqualification.)

PROPOSITION #1 (Click Here)

PROPOSITION #2 (Click Here)


  • The competition is open for all law students, PhD, academics, law professionals etc.
  • Individual participation as well as participation in a team of two i.e. Co-Authorship is allowed
  • The participants shall be provided with a factual matrix and would be required to write a judgment based on the same
  • The participants shall write a single opinion. Multiple opinions are not allowed.


The Judgment should inter alia include (in no particular order, except the Operative Part which must come last): –

  • Jurisdiction
  • Determination of facts Admissibility/Maintainability
  • Issues for determination
  • Framing specific questions for determination.
  • Relevant Legislation
  • The arguments for both Appellant and Respondent
  • Reasoning of the Court
  • Reference to precedents and authorities.
  • Holding

Note: The participants may fill in necessary particulars/fillers to the judgment (i.e. name of advocates, judges etc.). Such fillers should not reveal the identity of the participants. Such a revelation would lead to immediate disqualification.


  • The Judgment should be in English.
  • The maximum word limit is 4500 words (not including foot notes).
  • The submission must be a Microsoft Word file.
  • The judgments must be Times New Roman, Size 12, with 1.5 line spacing.
  • The judgment must be justified.
  • The footnotes must be Times New Roman, Size 10, with single line spacing.
  • The citation in the footnotes should be Bluebook 20th edition.
  • The page number should be mentioned on the top right.


S. No. Description Range
1 Incorrect line spacing in the manuscript or footnotes 0.25 mark (per instance); Up to 2 marks.
2 Incorrect font style or size in the manuscript or footnotes 0.25 mark (per instance); Up to 2 marks
3 Incorrect or inconsistency in citation 0.25 marks (per instance); Up to 2 marks
4 Absence of page numbers in the header 1 mark
5 Failure to remove tracked changes, highlights or comments from the manuscript 0.25 mark (per instance); Up to 2  marks
6 Text not justified 0.5 mark (per instance); Up to 3 marks
7 Missing parts/blank page in the manuscript 0.25 mark (per instance) Up to 2 marks
8 Exceeding Word Limit 1 mark for every 500 words.
9 Incorrect naming of the Manuscript file submitted in soft-copy 2 marks
10 Plagiarism 1 mark (per instance); Up to 10 marks



  • The participants have to submit their judgments on or before November 15th, 2020 by emailing it to
  • The subject should read Submission: LA 2.0 | Judgment Writing Competition.
  • The attachment should be titled ‘Submission Code X’ (i.e. the allotted code).
  • Nothing in the document or in the submission email should reveal the identity of the participants. Such a revelation would lead to immediate disqualification.
  • In case multiple e-mails are sent by the participant, the copy of the draft sent last will be considered, both for the purposes of evaluation and also for awarding the penalty for late submission (if any).


S No Parameter Marks
1 Adherence to the Rules 20
2 Formatting 20
3 Arrangement of facts and issues addressed 20
4 Statement of contending parties and framing of issues 30
5 Knowledge of legal principles, and citing of relevant case laws, statues, and opinion of jurists 40
6 Critical analysis of the problem and analytical reasoning 30
7 Language, style of writing, presentation, appearance, and overall impression 20
  TOTAL 180



Opening of Registration: 2nd October 2020

Release of Proposition: 15th October 2020

Closing of Registration: 31st October 2020

Last date for clarification: 2th November 2020

Submission Deadline: 15th November 2020

Results: TBA




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