Same-Sex Marriage in India with Special Reference to Madhu Bala v. State of Uttarakhand
Introduction The irony of the fact in India is that today society abhors homosexuality while the texts of ancient Indian literature like Vedas,...
Can Copyright be used as a tool to curb Revenge Porn?
The Menace of Revenge Porn             “Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more a...
The Right to Offend: Case for Free Speech for ‘Nazis’
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., a renowned U.S. Supreme Court Justice, said, “If there is any principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls...
COVID-19 and Sexual Harassment on Virtual Workspace
INTRODUCTION It has been quite a time that we have been dealing with this deadly pandemic, which has immured us into the four walls of our homes....
Cross-Cultural Negotiations: Issues and Remedies vis-à-vis Introduction in India
Abstract In an era of increasing demand for settlement of disputes through non-judicial mechanism, many methods have gained importance. Negotiation...
Do You Need Guts, As Men, To Stand Up For Women? If Yes, Get Some.
On July 23, 2020, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman ever in the United States Congress, delivered a powerful speech after Republican’s...
Letting the Rats Loose: Bentham’s Perspective

Letting the Rats Loose: Bentham’s Perspective

This article deals with the topic of captivity of non-endangered animals in the form of zoological parks. This topic will be discussed in reference to Jeremy Bentham’s philosophies and is limited to the present legislations in India although the theory might share...

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Withdrawal Of Prosecution: A Façade Behind Arbitrary Use Of Power

Withdrawal Of Prosecution: A Façade Behind Arbitrary Use Of Power

Public Prosecutor is not a part of any investigating agency. Under Section 321a Public Prosecutor or Assistant Public Prosecutor is empowered to withdraw prosecution from a person either generally or for any one of the offences for which he is tried. The proviso of this Section mandates the Public Prosecutor to obtain the consent of the Central Government in matters which relate to the executive power of the Union or was investigated by the Special Police Establishment or involves misappropriation, destruction or damage to Central Government property or is committed by a Central Government Servant before moving to the court for withdrawal of the prosecution.

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How The UAPA Is Perverting The Idea Of Justice

the UAPA ensuresthrough pernicious procedural rulesthat even if a person accused under the Act is ultimately acquitted, she suffers the punishment of the process


Supreme Court Deals Major Blow To Felons' Right To Vote In Florida


US Supreme court upheld the paying to vote system. The judgment will affect many felons right to vote affecting the cherished principle of Universal suffrage