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Submission Guidelines

  • 1200 – 2500 (Exceeding word limit may be allowed if the analysis requires it)
  • Maximum 2 authors
  • Word Document
  • Any Citation Style, should be uniform throughout
  • The article must be in Times New Roman with font size 12 and line spacing of 1.5.
  • Citation/Referencing – Hyperlinks or Endnotes

FAQs for authors

How do I submit my article?

If you wish to submit an article please send it to submissions@thelawculture.in with “Article – Submission” as the subject of the mail. For any other queries, write to info@thelawculture.in.

What is to be included in the e-mail?

The email is required to have the text document, details of the author including a decent photograph and a declaration affirming the originality of the manuscript. For eg. “I certify that the given article is original in its content and doesn’t violate any copyright of any author. I also certify that this article has not been submitted for publication into some other blog/newspaper etc.”

What sort of articles is Law Culture interested in?

We are always interested in well-written and thoughtful comment and analysis on topical events or developments (e.g. court decisions, legislation etc.). Articles can range from different areas of law and policies. However, we encourage authors to introduce novel arguments, perspective to untouched issues.

Is there a difference between an article post and an academic paper?

Yes. With an article post, you don’t just want the attention of your academic peers. You want your post to be read by people who know a lot less about your subject than you do. To engage them, please keep your text accessible and avoid academic insider lingo. Most important: get straight to the point. No lengthy introduction. Tell your readers right away what is interesting about your article and why they should bother reading it. In the first paragraph, in the first sentence even.

Will my article be edited?

Yes, if necessary. We often make a considerable effort to improve your article. Please don’t be offended and consider this an offer. Our aim is to make sure your text has the impact it deserves. All substantial changes will be, of course, submitted to your consent before publication.

Can I publish my Law Culture article elsewhere?

We generally refrain from crossposting. However, in certain circumstances and with the discretion of the editorial board, the post might be allowed to be crossposted.



**The Editorial Board may, in their absolute discretion, waive any of the above rules or amend the editorial process.




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